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Driving and the environment


At Ken Buchanan Driver Training Ltd (KBDT) we believe the way you drive affects the impact your vehicle has on the environment.


Recent studies have shown that a driver may be able to reduce this impact and reduce the amount of fuel used by up to 25% by changing their style of driving:

  • Anticipat​e traffic conditions, drive smoothly, avoid harsh accellerating and braking, stop/go driving wastes fuel

  • Plan your route​ to avoid congestion, roadworks etc. where possible

  • Try to maintain a steady speed, unneccessary braking wastes fuel

  • Remove needless weight - declutter the boot, remove roof/cycle racks when not in use 

  • Ensure tyres are correctly inflated

  • Maintain your vehicle to keep it working efficiently

  • Drive at an appropriate speed in a suitable gear

Driving in a safe and fuel efficient way can:

  • R​educe emissions that are harmful to the environment

  • Reduce fuel costs

  • Reduce stress and make the journey more comfortable







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